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4 Cost-Efficient Ways to Elevate Building Security in 2023

4 Cost-Efficient Ways to Elevate Building Security in 2023

The need to secure one’s physical surroundings from risks such as theft, burglary, vandalism, fire incidences, or any other potentially unwanted events or emergencies is one of the universal human needs.

Hence, the global physical security market is constantly innovating and adding improved products, and recording stable growth. In 2022, it was valued at USD 117 billion and is forecast to jump to USD 229 billion in 2032, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.1 percent.

Despite the changing trends and developing technologies, some of the lowest-hanging fruit in terms of improving building security remains the same. These solutions don’t have to be expensive or hasslesome either.

Beyond an essential like installing suitable access management systems, hereafter are the most efficient ways of elevating building security in 2023 and the following years.

Optimize Light Conditions

A study conducted in 2019 in New York City revealed that the provision of street lights reduced nighttime outdoor crimes by 36 percent. The importance of optimal light conditions in fighting security risks applies to buildings, too: Most crimes in buildings or facilities are opportunistic, and nothing encourages those with criminal intentions more than poor light conditions.

Security lighting must be adequate and even, and it must illuminate the bordering areas of the building and its entrances so that no intruder will want to be under the spotlight.

Reliable Surveillance System

Video surveillance is among the most ubiquitous security tools today for a simple reason: They work. Installing a reliable surveillance system, which can entail both cameras and motion sensors, can safeguard a building or facility against threats coming from inside and outside.

Thanks to technological advancements and rising demand, they’re also getting cheaper, better, and easier to install and integrate into the building’s access ecosystem. Using a highly integrated surveillance system as such, it’s possible to monitor activity from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Don’t Skip the Maintenance

Even the most technologically advanced and expensive security solutions won’t help to elevate a building’s security if they malfunction. A maintenance plan can help facility managers accurately diagnose a problem before it might even occur, whether it’s a fire hazard, risk of burglary, or some glitching light fuses.

Performing simple repairs, adjustments, or improvements eliminate safety risks and cut costs in the long run. In addition to a safer environment, well-maintained facilities boast a longer lifespan, better reputation, and happier residents.

Create a Culture of Security Awareness

Values, perceptions, and attitudes shared by a group define a culture, which determines the behavior of people in the group. If security awareness becomes an inherent part of a group’s culture, the individual behaviors will align with the best norms and practices to minimize and mitigate the risks.

However, a set of written rules and policies alone is insufficient to achieve this. Nurturing a culture of security awareness requires training, incentives, and, most importantly, an open and ongoing dialogue.

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