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High Spirits, Low Hassle: Access Solutions for Multi-Purpose Buildings

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Buy experiences, not things” might sound like just another inspirational social media quote. However, it’s the mantra that summarizes one of the tremendous paradigm shifts in consumer demand, which has been making waves in the global markets since the 1990s.

In their 1999 book, The Experience Economy, authors James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine II explain that modern consumers value two forms of time: Time well saved and time well spent. Consumers of today want stories out of experiences that will engage them in a personal and memorable way.

As these new demands keep shaping the markets, they also changed the definition of leisure and people’s interactions with buildings.

Multi-Purpose Buildings in “Experience Economy”

Especially in the leisure and hospitality sector, which have been the engines powering the “experience economy”, a building is no longer just a facility. Instead, a laundromat can be a nightclub and a dance floor. A library can function as a wedding hall. And sometimes, bike repair shops can sell the best coffees in town, also acting like a co-working place.

In the case of Switzerland-based Macardo, a distillery can be a chic bed & breakfast, a bar, a shop, and private housing. Situated in a renovated cheese factory over a century old, Macardo uses the latest building technologies for perfect spirits and happy guests.

But when buildings are so versatile, attracting a diverse profile of visitors such as shoppers, whisky enthusiasts, or lodgers, their access solutions must be as flexible as their business models.

Versatile Solutions for Versatile Needs

“Regulating access can be tricky in a multi-purpose facility like Macardo,” says Martina Bössow, the owner of Macardo. “Running a distillery, hotel, and a shop at the same time require different levels of authorization for both staff and guests. For example, guests can’t walk into the distillery — unless they booked a tour at a specific time with a guide. Therefore, we have a pressing need for uncompromising security without coming across as uninviting.”

Hence, to serve each clientele and their needs in the most optimal way, Macardo regulates access control for staffers and contractors via a cloud-based solution. Using a mobile phone app, suppliers and service deliverers can get a one-time access code. Whether their duties concern the hotel, bar, or distillery, the contractors’ access can be programmed for just one department and can be programmed to expire after their duties are complete.

An access solution as such also enables the reception staff at facilities like Macardo to focus on more excellent customer experience and service instead of channelizing their efforts to admin, answering phone calls, and facilitating entrance for suppliers and service deliverers.

Right Access Solutions to Keep the Spirits High

The growing role of multi-purpose buildings in the so-called “experience economy” is palpable. As masses of consumers keep craving novel and memorable experiences, there’s no doubt that many more facilities like Macardo will keep marrying exciting concepts to serve this need.

However, the access solutions of these complex business models don’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s bikes and coffees, or, whiskeys and rooms, mobile access solutions are poised to enhance the one thing all modern consumers are after: The experience.

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