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Crown Sydney: First Look at the Sydney Skyline’s New Icon

Crown Sydney

First inhabited by the Aboriginal locals some 50,000 years ago, Sydney was one of the most significant cities in the Western world by the 19th century. Currently home to over 5 million Sydneysiders, it remains Australia’s most populous city and commercial center.

The Horizontal Skyscraper: A New Solution to Urban Overcrowding

Horizontal Skyscraper

Since the world’s first modern skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885, high-rise buildings of over 40 floors have become a norm for dense urban centers. They’re now almost a symbol of urban progress and architectural achievement. Since 2000, global skyscraper construction rose by 402 percent.

Singapore Changi: A Peek Inside the World’s Best Airport

Singapore Changi

The rain cascades through the oculus in the middle of a giant dorm. People walk up a spiraling forest, which’s trees keep changing colors with undulating lights. Among the living plants like palms, fig-trees, orchids, and anthurium, a robot glides on the floor to regulate the traffic. This scene isn’t from a science fiction movie, but a regular occurrence at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

4 Trends Shaping Modern Chinese Interior Design

Chinese Interior Design

Traditional Chinese interior design is typically characterized by lacquered surfaces, natural elements such as bamboo and stone, and a red, gold, and black color palette. But a new generation aims to revolutionize the industry, transforming the classical into the contemporary. Brimming with talent and creativity, these Chinese interior designers are determined to leave their mark.