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The Future of BIM: Internal Optimization and Interoperability

Future of BIM

Despite different architectural styles, histories, and locations, Westminster Abbey, Cathedrals of Milan and Cologne, the Palace of Alhambra, and Stonehenge have many things in common. They’re all iconic landmarks visited by millions of people a year.

Augmented Reality: A User’s Guide to Smart Phones vs. Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality, AR

Since Augmented Reality (AR) had its beginnings in the gaming world in the 1960s, it evolved to be a ubiquitous technology both in private and commercial life. As millions want to utilize the interactive experience by blending digital elements and a computerized real-life environment, the AR market is booming.

How Augmented Reality Can Empower Field Technician Proficiency

Field Technician

“If you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything,” said the legendary children’s author Tomie DePaola. Indeed, the past two decades have been characterized by an enthusiasm for self-study and innovative learning methods.

3 Top Reasons Construction Projects Exceed Their Budgets

Despite some recent improvements and ongoing digitization, construction remains one of the least efficient industries in the world. Global labor-productivity growth in construction has averaged only 1 percent a year over the past two decades and was flat in most advanced economies.

4 Technologies That Enable Remote Construction

Remote Construction

Not long ago, the concept of remote construction might’ve sounded like science fiction to even the most technologically progressive companies. However, even though the digitization process of construction still faces hurdles, the sector is growing an increasing appetite for digital tools to boost efficiency.