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Opening After Lockdown: 4 Things Facility Managers Must Do

Facility Managers

From retirement homes to shopping centers, facility management during the COVID-19 outbreak has had central importance in managing this public health crisis. There’s no doubt that it’s an overwhelming and demanding time to execute excellent facility management during the COVID-19 challenge.

How COVID-19 is Reshaping Hospitals

COVID-19 is Reshaping Hospitals

Hospitals are the most important pillar of healthcare. However, since COVID-19 started to spread globally, their significance for not just treatment, but also for testing and after-care grew exponentially. The medical research community documented that up to 80 percent of the COVID-19 cases might be mild or asymptomatic.

Touchless Travel: Here’s How Air Travel After COVID-19 Will Be Like

Air Travel After COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been changing the world as we know it in both the short and long term. However, as billions stayed home to flatten the curve, few industries have been affected by COVID-19 like aviation and air travel. Between late March and April 2020, more than 20 major airlines suspended their operations by 100 percent.