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Impact of COVID-19 on the Commercial Real Estate Market

Commercial Real Estate Market

Gone are the days of partitioned offices or work schedules set in stone. It’s time for open-space, Flex Office, and coworking. Our working methods are changing irrevocably. These changes ricochet into the commercial real estate market, which has reinvented itself for the past decades.

Education and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Influences Classroom Architecture

Education, Covid-19

While remote and technology-assisted learning was already on the rise, the COVID-19 pandemic made it an inevitability for millions of students of all levels around the world. Depending on their local and national public health regulations, some educational institutions have re-opened, some experiment with hybrid models of learning, and some continue a fully remote education.

Beyond Hand Sanitizers: How COVID-19 is Changing the Future of Work

Future of Work

The global spread of the COVID-19 has been asymmetrical: Some countries like New Zealand or Hong Kong were able to significantly reduce the cases by the middle of 2020, some were already embracing the so-called second wave. In the meantime, large and decentralized countries like the United States have seen the viral epicenters shift from dense cities to provincial areas.

Opening After Lockdown: 4 Things Facility Managers Must Do

Facility Managers

From retirement homes to shopping centers, facility management during the COVID-19 outbreak has had central importance in managing this public health crisis. There’s no doubt that it’s an overwhelming and demanding time to execute excellent facility management during the COVID-19 challenge.