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Everything You Need to Know About Door Closer Maintenance

Door Closer Maintenance

Door closers usually don’t get as much attention as the locks or a handle. However, they’re still crucial tools for safety and security. Door closers are inexpensive enhancers of energy efficiency — and they can even stop fires from spreading and save lives.

Ditch the Door Wedge: Here’s Why Fire Doors Must Be Unobstructed

Door Wedge

In facilities with high people flow such as restaurants, offices, or care homes, a closed door can be a hindrance in daily life. Especially following a hectic schedule, one might not always have a free hand to control a door. Even if they did, especially at a time when hand hygiene is a bigger priority than ever, people might be reluctant to touch a door.

From Sticks to Sleek: A Brief History of Doorknobs


Architecture is among the most imposing and ubiquitous forms of art. It’s impossible to avoid getting in contact with physical structures, which are often designed to appeal to multiple senses. However, despite being surrounded by buildings and living in them, how often do we touch architecture?

Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter

Door hardware and accessories

In both fantasy and the real world, doors symbolize a passage — as well as an authority of which person should have an access to a place. They’re vehicles to identify a safe space, privacy, and intimacy.

The Top 5 Door Hardware Designs of 2020

Pants, Apparel, Clothing

“The door handle is the handshake of the building,” says Juhani Pallasmaa, celebrated Finnish architect and the author of the book The Eyes of The Skin, which is considered a classic of architectural theory. “ The elements of architecture are not visual units or gestalt; they are encounters, confrontations that interact with memory,” Mr. Pallasmaa observes.