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Why These 5 Schools Used Architecture as an Educational Opportunity

Why These 5 Schools Used Architecture as an Educational Opportunity

After homes, schools are arguably the most important buildings to shape children’s development. The design and architecture of educational institutions significantly influence children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative progress. By providing conducive environments for learning and growth, school buildings contribute to the holistic development of students, supporting their academic achievements, well-being, and preparation for the future. Long after children graduate, […]

Education and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Influences Classroom Architecture

Education, Covid-19

While remote and technology-assisted learning was already on the rise, the COVID-19 pandemic made it an inevitability for millions of students of all levels around the world. Depending on their local and national public health regulations, some educational institutions have re-opened, some experiment with hybrid models of learning, and some continue a fully remote education.

How Universities Can Upgrade Themselves During Summers

Thousands of university campuses have been remaining eerily empty following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, with or without a pandemic, summers tend to be the least hectic time of the year for university campuses around the world.

Campus Safety: 3 Essentials Every Campus Must Prioritize

Human, Person, Shelter

A global educational revolution is in the making. University attendance rates are skyrocketing at a dramatic rate. By 2040, there will be around 600 million students around the world enrolled at universities — up from roughly 216 million in 2016. Even with the global population changes adjusted, this translates into a 200 percent growth in the number of university students.

Accessing the Future: How a Catalan High School Manages Entrances

La Salle High School in Barcelona

La Salle Bonanova is a large prestigious private high school on the outskirts of Barcelona at the foot of the Tibidabo mountain. A new comprehensive and flexible access management system has recently brought peace of mind for students, teachers, and parents.