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Top 6 Architecture Projects of 2021: Social, Sustainable, Sensual

Top 6 Architecture Projects of 2021

However, even though the global health crisis kept disrupting on-ground operations, it by no means stopped creativity. 2021 brought the launch or development of some of the most ambitious architectural projects of our times, many of which united under the themes of sustainability, inclusion, and robust public spaces.

No-Touch Buildings: How Agile Construction Transformed This Office in Spain

No-Touch Buildings: How Agile Construction Transformed This Office in Spain

The new restrictions and sensitivities introduced to our societies by COVID-19 forced many architects and designers to re-think and re-imagine our built environment. The result is an accelerating number of buildings designed to minimize touch, optimize fresh air flow, and manage foot traffic more efficiently.

These 3 Smart Cities In Making Will Shape the Future of Urbanism

Smart Cities

A smart city is an urban settlement that uses technology to solve problems and optimize city life. This idea can come to fruition in two ways: Some cities, such as Singapore or Dubai, are working on becoming “smart cities” via infrastructural updates and investments.

Predictive Maintenance: How AI Supports the Automation of Building Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Preventive care, efforts to prevent a disease before needing to treat it, isn’t a new idea and originated in Ancient Greek. However, throughout the 20th century, the increasing focus on understanding the human body to prevent the diseases single-handedly saved millions of lives and cut down healthcare costs.