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Digitalized On-Site Security: Fewer Patrols, Greater Control

On-Site Security

The security industry has traditionally been a hands-on one, characterized by physical precautions such as security guards and mechanical keys and locks. The image of a guard patrolling a place with a torch in one hand and a ring with many mechanical keys attached to their belts has long been the picture associated with on-site security.

This is How Digitization Will Impact Multifamily Housing Living

The Jetsons, the 1960s futurist cartoon that was made in the US, depicted the namesake family living in Skypad Apartment in the year 2062, in a city called Orbit. The family of four — and their dog — enjoyed a leisurely life in a smart home, complete with a robot maid, flying cars, and other whimsical inventions.

eTennis: Facilitating Access to Passion

Human, People, Person

“Why has slamming a ball with a racquet become so obsessive a pleasure for so many of us?” mused cultural critique, Nat Hentoff. “It seems clear to me that a primary attraction of the sport is the opportunity it gives to release aggression physically without being arrested for felonious assault.”